About Us

Hey! This is Serweet, the Sleep Company.


Serweet has been committed to creating excellent mattresses to deliver a comfortable sleeping experience to our customers. It is our vision to enable everyone pursuing a perfect night’s sleep to buy a superior mattress at a reasonable price. Each Serweet mattress is not manufactured quickly for quantity but repeatedly tested to guarantee its quality instead. We hope every customer buys a suitable mattress under our professional guidance at the least cost.

Create an Excellent Mattress

Serweet has always adhered to the principle of "Not expensive, but excellent mattresses". This is why Serweet has been constantly improving and optimizing our products. Our priority is to help you find the most suitable mattress to get a perfect night’s sleep.

Our Strength

Make your bed purchase a worthwhile investment. We are confident to announce that all materials used in each Serweet mattress are carefully selected by our R&D team to have passed multiple tests, ensuring their safety and reliability. We also adopt precision machinery in the production process to make sure that the mattresses meet our high-quality standards.

What Can Serweet Bring to You?

Each Serweet mattress will bring you a different enjoyment based on your demands. Durable, independent pocket springs deliver strong support, and the selected foams fit your body for greater pressure relief. When you sleep on it, you’ll feel that this is the right mattress you have been hunting for.

All for one thing: Give you a perfect sleep.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us at support@serweet.com

Your trust and feedback are very important to us because we hope constantly improve our mattresses to meet your expectations!